Florida Construction Injury Lawyer: Electrocution or Severe Burn?

Brandon Stein

Here in South Florida, much of my practice as a lawyer is devoted to construction injuries, as well as car accidents or other accidents occurring at or near construction areas.  A major component to construction is often times electrical hook-ups or connections. Once the construction is complete, those electrical connections are still present, but it is the responsibility of the contractor or owner of the premise to install safeguards that prevent access to those electrical devices.  This is especially important in areas that will have public access, including condominiums or hotels.

This past weekend my law firm retained a client that suffered second degree burns after coming into contact with a solid metal panel enclosing a hose.  Yet, at the time of the injury, it was unclear as to whether electrical devices were being stored under that panel.  The young child and her mother were swimming at their condominium pool when the toddler walked over and up onto to the unenclosed metal area.  Immediately upon contact, the child suffered serious burns to her hands and feet.  The extent of the damage has yet to be determined.

As the child’s lawyer, a lawsuit was immediately filed in Miami alleging injuries resulting from the negligence of the condominium.  In this instance, the injuries were clearly a result of the child coming into contact with an extremely hot surface — causing second degree burns.  In my practice, however, I frequently come across clients that need a lawyer here in South Florida after suffering injury by electrocution.  While the child’s burns were not caused by electrocution, her injuries run parallel to those suffered by electrocution victims.

As a North Miami construction lawyer that sues for electrocution injury, you must look for the following symptoms to help determine whether you or someone you know was in fact electrocuted: (1) skin burn; (2) numbness and/or tingling; (3) muscle contractions, pain, or weakness; and (4) headache and hearing impairment. Now, these are not the only injuries that occur from electrocution, but if your child or a loved one is potentially injured by electrocution, then this is a good place to start.

If you or someone you know was injured by electrocution in South Florida, then please contact us today.

By: Brandon Stein